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October 2016

Interesting trainee feedback following a cycling weekend in the Cotswolds

Hi John

Here is the photo of my dry stone walling attempt while in the Cotswolds. I was on a cycling trip with a friend and was telling him about the workshop I had been on. Then, passing a section of collapsed wall, I thought why not get in a bit of practice.

I unfortunately did not take a before shot, but I think it's clear from the stone colour which section is new. Also, since I was at the side of the road in my cycling kit, I did not clear the rubble properly before starting laying stones, so you can see there is not a solid base to the wall.

I just wanted to say thank you for kick starting my interest in dry stone walling. I'm now hoping to practise lots on weekends away like this so that at some point I can get a formal qualification.

Speak soon


Chelsea Fringe Feed Back

May 23rd and 24th 2015

Thanks to John we had a great teacher; Cool learning I LOVE dry stone walling :-); - Great fun & great skills learnt; Fabulous dry stone walling session - going to give it a go in my own garden; - Really enjoyable morning dry stone walling - this garden is going to be beautiful! Many thanks; - Top skills today & a great tutor in John with support from Nicola, many thanks; - Beautiful garden! Lovely Goose wing - very creative; - Thank you - such an enjoyable way to spend a morning and gain an insight into dry stone walling; - I had a great time! First experience to dry stone wall making - Great!; - Great fun & great skills thanks; Loved it; -  we left our mark in the wall (our fish); Great session - excellent tutor; - The perfect afternoon - it left me with a profound respect for the craft of stone-walling - brilliant –thank you so much ; - Looking forward to having a garden and using my new skill;  - What is not to love and learn; - Dry stone walling in central London with Winchester geese amongst many watching; - Don't just look, see, think, explore research, what, why, where, all around you - privilege to be a part of it.